What Will Bus Revolution Mean for Philadelphia?

Of all the proposed changes to public transit in Philadelphia in the spring of 2021, almost none reach as far into Philadelphians’ lives as “Bus Revolution.”

SEPTA hasn’t revised its bus lines wholesale since the Johnson administration; the new plan, they say, lets the authority adjust its system to the ways the city has changed in the last six decades. But the redesign reroutes the vast majority of Philly’s buses, replaces other lines piecemeal, and cancels service to some parts of the Delaware Valley altogether. For students, medical patients, and workers, the changes could present a major disruption to their routines.

The Temp crisscrossed the city to see what Bus Revolution would mean for people in Philly and the places they go — from an overgrown public library in Oak Lane, to a public hearing on the plan at the Liacouras Center, all the way to the atrium of SEPTA’s on 1234 Market Street.

Maps and plans for Bus Revolution, along with comparisons to current routes and a feedback form, can be found at the project’s official site.

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